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PREMIO Troubleshooting Guide

Please visit the Troubleshooting Guide page on our new website. No more updates will be made on this page.

Welcome to PREMIO's online troubleshooting guide. This guide will help you resolve some of the common problems associated with each PC component, as well as some general system problems and operating system specific issues.

In addition, our PREMIO Knowledge Base allows you to search for your questions and answers online.

First, click here for some useful tips and pointers before you open up the system.

Please read the complete instructions first before trying them. It's also a good idea to print the instructions out. If you cannot resolve the problem, please contact your reseller or PREMIO product support.

For component specific problems, select the component you wish to diagnose from the dropdown menu below.

For general PC problems, select from the list below:

System Hangs or Lock Ups
System Performance Is Slow
Cannot Connect To Network
System Has No Power
Reinstalling Windows 95/98

For operating system problems, select from the list below:

Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
Microsoft Windows 98/98SE
Microsoft Windows 95

Before You Begin...
The tool you will need is a Philips screwdriver, preferably one with a magnetized tip. A small flashlight is also useful.
If your system is located under a desk, it's best to clear the desktop and move the system to the desktop.
Always be aware of static discharge! Touch the back of the power supply to discharge yourself before opening the system.
Once the system cover is removed, make a quick diagram of where each component is, and the connection points of all the cables and wires.
Check for obvious problems first: such as loose cards, cables, or wires, and physically damaged components.
Once you're finished, put every component back to its original position, and reconnect all the cables and wires.
Leave the cover off and power up your system to make sure it works; if everything's fine, turn off the system and put the cover back on.

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05/26/2000 - Added Windows 2000 Troubleshooting Guide.

08/28/1999 - Completed System Performance is Slow
12/12 - Completed Network Interface Card (NIC) section.
12/12 - Added System Performance is Slow section.
12/08 - Completed Sound Card and System Hangs or Lock Ups section.
12/06 - Added Sound Card and Network Interface Card (NIC) section.
12/05 - Completed Video Card section.
11/24 - Added Video Card section.
11/23 - Completed Modem (ISA) section.
11/09 - Added Modem (ISA) section.
11/09 - Completed Floppy Disk Drive section.
11/02 - Added Floppy Disk Drive section.
11/02 - Completed SCSI Controller section.
10/28 - Completed SCSI Hard Disk Drive section.
10/26 - Added SCSI Hard Disk Drive section.
10/13 - Completed IDE HDD and CD-ROM (IDE) section.

10/12/1998 - Launched Troubleshooting Guide.

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