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about this site
Since this is primarily a support site, graphics have been kept to a bare minimum. You won't find any Javascript, Dynamic HTML, or Java applets here. This site strives for simplicity.

This website is running on the following system:

PREMIO GX (dual Xeon) server w/ 256MB PC100 ECC RAM
Dual Pentium III/Xeon 500MHz (2MB L2 cache) - smokin'!
Diamond Fireport 40 Ultrawide SCSI controller
Seagate Cheetah 10,000RPM 4.2GB Ultrawide SCSI HDD
Matrox Millennium G200 8MB SDRAM AGP
Intel 82558 10/100Mbps NIC (integrated)
Toshiba 32X SCSI CD-ROM
Windows NT 4.0 Server SP5 with IIS 4.0

We're connected to the net via a dedicated T1 line. This server is also hosting

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