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PREMIO's Windows NT 4.0
Troubleshooting Guide

To make any changes, make sure you're logon to NT as the administrator! Otherwise, you may not have sufficient right to make any modification(s).

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Is it possible to install NT by booting from the NT CD-ROM disc?

  • Yes, the NT CD-ROM is bootable. If you have an IDE CD-ROM, go into the BIOS. For AMI BIOS, set the first boot device to CD-ROM, or the boot sequence to CD-ROM,C,A for Award BIOS.
  • If you're using a SCSI controller, then it is recommended that you do the installation by using the three NT floppy disks (see below).

    I have a SCSI HDD and an IDE CD-ROM drive; I'm booting from the CD-ROM to install NT; but NT cannot find my SCSI HDD even though I've loaded the SCSI drives correctly.

  • Try booting from the NT setup disks, instead of booting directly off the CD-ROM drive.
  • For some configurations, booting off an IDE CD-ROM and installing to a SCSI drive will not work properly.

    How do I create the set of NT installation disks?

  • You need access to a system with a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.
  • Have three formatted disks ready, then insert the NT CD-ROM disc. Go to the C: prompt, and then go to [CD drive]\i386.
  • And type "winnt /ox" (without the double quotes) to create the set of disks.

    How do I change the SID (security ID)?

  • Use NewSID 3.02.
  • Click here for more info about NT's SID, and why you may want to change it.

    I've installed NT with one CPU; I've since added a second CPU; how do I get the system to recognize the second CPU without reinstalling NT?

  • You need to update NT's HAL (hardware abstraction layer) from uniprocessor to multiprocessor.
  • To do this, you need Microsoft NT's Resource Utilities CD. There is a tool in the Utilties that will update a single processor HAL to a multi-processor HAL.
  • Click here to download the UPTOMP (Uni to Multi processor) utility.

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    What's the easiest way to install an ISA plug and play modem in NT?

  • Go into the BIOS setup and make sure Plug and Play is DISABLED. Also, disable COM2 or serial port B in the BIOS.
  • Set your modem to plug and play mode.
  • Logon to NT and go to Control Panel / Modem and let NT autodetect the modem.
  • If you wish, you can use the Windows 9x driver INF file in NT.

    I keep getting an event error that says, "not enough server storage space."

  • If you've installed the network card driver after installing Service Pack 3 (SP3), then you may get this error.
  • Reinstall SP3 again to fix this problem; this problem is documented on Microsoft's support site as article ID Q151427.

    I have a network card that's autodetected by NT, but it's not working.

  • If the network card came with specific NT driver, then use it instead of using the default NT driver.
  • Especially if you have a 3Com or Intel PCI network card; always use the manufacturer's driver instead of the default NT network driver.

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    I have an ATI AGP video card, and I can't select the proper refresh rate for my resolution.

  • You may have this problem with some monitors if you're using the latest ATI NT driver (build 5.1.118).
  • This problem is documented on ATI's support site as INFO-BASE #2996.
  • One workaround is to use the previous NT driver (build 5.0.113), which you can download here.

    I have an ESS-based soundcard; how do I install the NT driver?

  • Make sure plug and play is disabled in your BIOS.
  • Then go to Control Panel / Multimedia / Devices / Add. Select "Unlisted or Updated Driver" and insert the ESS NT driver floppy disk.
  • Click here to go the soundcard driver page.

    I have a Creative Labs Soundblaster Vibra 16X soundcard (CT4170), and I can't install it with the default NT Creative Labs drivers.

  • The CT4170 has a new chipset that is not supported by the NT default Creative Labs drivers.
  • Read the README.TXT file on the CT4170 driver CD in \winntdrv\english. It has detailed NT installation instructions. Or you can download the CT4170 NT drivers (729K) here.

    I have an ATI AGP based video card, and I can't install the ATI drivers.

  • Service Pack 3 or higher is required to install the ATI AGP NT drivers.
  • Click here to get Service Pack 3 (18MB).

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    I have the Microsoft Press Training and Reference Suite preloaded, along with Windows NT, on my system; why didn't I get a CD-ROM disc for it?

  • The training suite is provided to you free of charge on all PREMIO systems with Windows NT 4.0 workstation preloaded on it. PREMIO will not provide the CD-ROM.
  • If you are concern about the legality of pre-installing the suite, PREMIO have a letter of agreement from Microsoft.

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    I've read through the entire list but nothing seems to match my problem, are there any other resources on the web that can help me? Sure, try the following links:

  • Microsoft Support Site
  • Windows NT FAQ - Tons of useful info!
  • System Internals - Lots of useful utilities for NT

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