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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the AMR soft modem in Windows 98/98SE?

Restart the system and go into the system board BIOS. Then go into Integrated Peripherals and make sure the "AC97 Modem" setting is ENABLED. Save and exit from the BIOS.

Click on Start / Programs / MS-DOS Prompt to open up a DOS window. Create a \modem folder in the root of C: by typing in these commands:

  • cd \ [enter]
  • md modem [enter]

    Download or copy the 98 driver (1.2MB) to the c:\modem folder and run it to extract the files.

    Then follow the screens:

    Device Manager
    Check Device Manager (right click My Computer, go to Properties, and click on the Device Manager tab) to make sure the modem is not already present. If it's present, it will appear as a "PCI Card" under the Other devices entry.

    To remove it, select the PCI Card entry and click on the REMOVE button.

    Remove PCI Card
    The system will ask you to confirm the device removal; click on OK. After the device is gone, click on the REFRESH button (see above Device Manager screenshot).

    Add New Hardware Wizard
    The system will detect the modem as a PCI card device; click on NEXT to continue.

    Add New Hardware Wizard
    Select the first option (Search for the best driver...) and click on NEXT.

    Add New Hardware Wizard
    Uncheck all the boxes, except for "Specify a location" and type in c:\modem in the window below.

    Add New Hardware Wizard
    The system will find the AMR voice modem. Click on NEXT to continue.

    Add New Hardware Wizard
    After the drivers loaded, click on FINISH to continue.

    Add New Hardware Wizard
    Select your country. If you're using the modem at home, you can clear the Enable PBX box; otherwise, leave it checked. Click on OK to finish the setup.

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