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PREMIO HX (200C) FAQ and BIOS History

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  • System Board Diagram and Jumper Settings
  • BIOS Questions
  • Hardware Questions
  • Operating System Specific Questions
  • BIOS History

    System Board Diagram and Jumper Settings
    There are two different version of the 200C motherboard: version 1.0 and version 1.1. You can determine which version you have by looking between the ISA slot. There will be a version number labeled on the motherboard.

  • Version 1.0
  • Version 1.1

    BIOS Questions
    Do you have a BIOS history file that includes the problem(s) fixed for each revision of the BIOS?

  • Yes, click here for the file.

    How do I clear the CMOS? How do I clear the BIOS password?

  • Power off your system; put a jumper on JP8 for 2 seconds; remove the jumper and power up the system.

    I'm running Windows 95 and plug & play doesn't seem to work.

  • Go into the BIOS's PCI/PnP Configuration and enable the PnP OS option.

    I flashed my BIOS, but now I get no video.

  • Try clearing your CMOS (see above).

    How come the options I see in the BIOS doesn't always match the ones in the manual?

  • Because BIOS are updated constantly, the manual cannot always keep up with the changes.

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    Hardware Questions
    I have two USB ports in the back, how do I get them to work?

  • You can enable the USB ports by getting the Microsoft USB driver and the Intel USB INF update.
  • Please note these drivers are for Windows 95 OSR2.0 ONLY.

    I have a Diamond Stealth Video 3200 and an Intel EtherExpress Pro 10/100 network card, and Windows 95 locks up when I load the Intel's driver.

  • BIOS version WH78 corrects this problem.

    I have a Intel Pentium P55C (MMX) 200Mhz CPU, and I've set SW1 for 200MHz, but it only shows 166MHz.

  • The correct setting for the P55C-200MHz is (going from 1 to 6) ON,OFF,ON,OFF,OFF,OFF.

    I'm running a Cyrix 6x86 CPU and my system keeps locking up or crashing.

  • Cyrix 6x86 CPUs run hotter than Intel Pentiums. Make sure your fan/heat sink has the Cyrix 6x86 logo on it.
  • The Cyrix 6x86 P166+ is a 3.52V CPU; check your voltage regulator jumpers to make sure it's set for VRE 3.45V-3.6V.

    I put in a single SIMM, but I get no video.

  • Check your manual; you need to populate the SIMM in pairs.

    I have 60ns SIMM but I can't set the DRAM Timing (in Chipset) to 60ns.

  • Some 60ns SIMM are actually rated at 70ns, so you must set the timing to 70ns.

    How do I get a plug and play card to work in DOS and/or Windows 3.11/WfW?

  • You need to run the ICU (ISA Configuration Utility) that shipped with the card.

    I have a PnP soundcard and PnP modem, but I'm getting conflicts.

  • It's recommended that you let the modem take COM2 (2F8h/IRQ3); see the question below.
  • And set the soundcard at 220h/IRQ5/DMA1, if possible.
  • Also, try adding the card in one at all time; put the soundcard in first, let 95 detect it, then add the modem.

    I have a plug and play modem, how do I setup it for COM2 in Windows 95?

  • Disable serial port 2 in the BIOS and remove the COM2 port, if present, in Windows 95's Device Manager.

    I get no video; how do I troubleshoot it?

  • Try reseating your video cards, memory, and CPU; or try swapping out the components.

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    Operating System Specific Questions
    Do you have a troubleshooting guide for Windows 95?

  • Yes, we do; please see PREMIO PC Windows 95 Troubleshooting Guide.

    In Device Manager, how do I rid of the PCI Bridge and PCI USB entries under Other Device?

  • Please see our PREMIO PC Windows 95 Troubleshooting Guide.

    I'm running DOS/Windows 3.11/WfW; how do I use plug and play cards?

  • You need to run the ICU (ISA Configuration Utility) that came with the PnP cards.

    I'm running Windows NT 3.51 and I've applied service pack 4, now I can't see my IDE CD-ROM drive.

  • If your CD-ROM is on the secondary IDE channel, make sure it's set to master, not slave.

    I'm using Novell Netware 3.x/4.x; how do I get Novell to mount IDE CD-ROM drives?

  • You need to get the HAM drivers.

    I have more than 16MB of memory, but Netware only shows 16MB.

  • Consult your Netware manual; you may need to register your memory.

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    Award BIOS History
    Version WH79 - for 200C boards v1.1 or higher ONLY

  • Support for LS-120 drive added.

    Version WH78 - for 200C boards v1.0 ONLY

  • This BIOS is now year 2000 compliant. The old BIOS will not advance to year 2000 in DOS when POWER.EXE is loaded.
  • Fixed system hang-up in Windows 95 when Intel Ether Express Pro 10/100 and Diamond Stealth64 Video 3200 are both installed.
  • AMD K5-PR166 CPU support added.

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