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You've got questions? PREMIO's got answers! (OK, so maybe we don't have the answer to the meaning of life... yet, but give us time: we're working on it!)

virtual edge
PREMIO's one-stop source for news and info on bleeding edge computing technologies. The latest breaking news in the computer industry and more! MORE

Windows 2000 Guide
After a few years of delay and a name change, Windows 2000 (W2K) is finally here. W2K gives you the best (or worse, depending on your opinion) of both worlds: the strength and security of NT 4.0 and the ease of 98SE's power management and plug & play. MORE

Windows 98/98SE Troubleshooting Guide
According to Microsoft, Windows 98 is a more stable platform than Windows 95; but we all know there is no such thing as a perfect operating system. Hopefully, this guide will help you solve the latest problems in Windows 98. MORE

Windows 95 Troubleshooting Guide
Is Windows 95 driving you crazy? Encountered a plug and play problem so complicated that you've gone back to DOS 6.22? Hopefully, this guide will help you regain your sanity and resolve some of the common problems. MORE

Windows NT 4.0 Troubleshooting Guide
Windows NT is a must if you require a secure operating system. But Windows NT problems are usually more difficult to resolve than Windows 9x. The fact that NT 4.0 does not support plug and play makes it even more difficult. MORE

System Boards & Peripherals FAQs
Locked yourself out with a CMOS password and can't figure out how to clear it? Or are you having a hard time installing a "user-friendly plug and play" modem? Please see our PREMIO system board FAQs or our Peripheral FAQs.

Technical Papers
OK, so you've been hearing about "ATA-100" for the past three months. But nobody knows what the heck it is. Here's a collection of FAQs for all those new and "emerging" PC technology. Click on the links below for more details.

Premio 815EA Performance Analysis 07/25/2000
Premio V94S (VIA Apollo Pro 133A) Performance 06/05/2000
What is PC Quick Fix? 03/15/2000
Intel Willamette: The Road to 1GHz 02/18/2000
System Buses 02/14/2000
Intel 820 SDRAM and RAMBUS Performance 01/14/2000
Intel Pentium III Katmai/Coppermine Slot 1 Performance for 440BX 12/25/1999
Intel Celeron and Pentium III FC-PGA Performance for 810E 11/30/1999
Intel Pentium III Katmai/Coppermine Slot 1 Performance for 810E 11/26/1999
Intel Celeron and Pentium III FC-PGA Performance for 810 10/25/1999
Intel Pentium III/600B vs. Pentium III/600 10/11/1999
AMD Athlon vs. Intel Pentium III Performance 09/07/1999
Intel Celeron/Pentium II/Pentium III Performance 02/26/1999
Intel Pentium III Serial Number 01/29/1999

  • What is Year 2000 compliance?
  • What is x2 and K56Flex or V.90?
  • What are the different levels of RAID?
  • What is UltraDMA/33?
  • What is Universal Serial Bus (USB)?
  • What is Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP)?

    These links are from other websites:

  • Intel/AMD Processor and Chipset Guide (Tom's Hardware Guide)
  • Memory primer (PC Magazine)